Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things to Think About Instead of my Upcoming Ultrasound

  • How much I want to ninja-chop the people of this town for their lack of interest in my lovely townhouse, which is for sale (for $3K under tax value), but which has committed the unpardonable sin of NOT HAVING GRANITE IN THE KITCHEN. GASP!!! Truly, I must be a Philistine.
  • Is Elizabeth Taylor really updating her own twitter feed, or is she paying an assistant to do it? Because if it's not really The Liz, I will be heartbroken.
  • My Netflix queue. I arrange and re-arrange it three times a day. "The Powder and the Glory" was "available now" for all of one day, but for some reason, they skipped over that one and sent me something else instead and now it's back to "Very Long Wait." Phooey.
  • Whether or not I should cut Jessica Alba bangs for the summer. Because on the one hand, I do not have her thick shiny hair and might just end up looking raggedy. But on the other, change is good, as long as they don't end up looking like those bangs Gisele is sporting in the Dior ads (Dior? I think).
  • Shopping for elastic-waist, forgiving skirts - my bloat/rapid-ish weight gain is challenging.  
These items take up a smaller segment of my thoughts than you might imagine...

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