Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Delightful Discovery

Progesterone shots continue to be manageable, despite the husband's occasional experiments with "the five-finger ass grab" and the technique of "pressing really hard on your butt to, like, keep the medicine in." Yeah. 

The risk here is that I occasionally begin laughing uncontrollably, which then causes hormone-loaded progesterone oil to shoot out of my hindquarters. 

I have discovered, though, that the oil tends to build up around the injection sites, giving me these small knots that are sore to the touch. So I decided to invest in a heating pad, thinking that the heat might help the knots break up. I actually do think it's helping. But even better than that, I have realized that wrapping a fuzzy, gradually warming, blanket-type contraption around your butt feels kind of fantastic. Seriously, the first night I tried it I was asleep in about eight minutes. Wonderful. Soothing. Butt-nurturing. I recommend this to everyone, progesterone user or not. In fact, I plan on firing mine up again tonight.

In other news, ended up getting another beta HcG done, since the nurse was a bit concerned about some muscle pain I'd been having. Numbers again looked promising, though, and a nice, steady, regular doubling is more than I had to go on last time, so now I'm just focusing on making it to the ultrasound in two weeks and seeing what that shows us. 


  1. The laughing while shooting up was a problem hubby and I had too. How can you not? It is just so utterly ridiculous to find oneself face down straddled by your most intimate partner, jabbing a 2 inch needle into your backside. What a site.

    Best wishes on the upcoming u/s!

  2. I can't decide which is making me chuckle more...oil shooting out of your backside or the heating pad in the same area. Maybe you could get a full body heating pad to soothe you through until your ultrasound.

  3. If someone made a combination Snuggie/Slanket/heating pad, I would probably never take it off.