Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Release the eggs!

If I were more savvy, I'd find a non-copyrighted image of Indiana Jones being chased by one of those giant rolling balls, because that's about how big my follicles feel at this point, and probably what it looks like in my ovaries right now. Plus - callback to the title of this blog. But then, that scene is from Raiders of the Lost Ark, not Temple of Doom, and the truth of it all is, I've never seen either movie, because I tried, but I don't like all the attacking animals and monkey brains and general ick. 

At ten this evening, I gave myself the shot they've been calling "the trigger" - a dose of HcG which should cause my stimulated follicles to ovulate just enough that the eggs will be floating in follicle fluid, rather than connected to the wall, facilitating retrieval. The stimulation process lasted from April 25 to May 4, with estrogen spiraling upwards into frightening four-digit numbers, but with no unpleasant side effects or hyperstimulation. 

This morning, in my final ultrasound before retrieval, we found 7 or 8, I think, on the right ovary, varying in size from 14-19 mm, and on the left, one giant one around 20 mm and at least 9 smaller ones, from 13-16ish. As you can imagine, this increasing number of unwieldy follicles has made me feel strangely full in my abdomen. It's a bit like having really bad gas all the time. (Oh, the miracle of life!) 

Speaking of the miracle of life, everyone should have an RE as cheerful as mine. Today, while giving me instructions for Thursday's retrieval and Sunday's transfer, she referred to Sunday as "and then we CREATELIFEYAY!" which is delightful and cheerful and very un-me, so I'm glad someone else is bringing the happy. 

Tomorrow - freedom from all meds and needles! Thursday - retrieval and getting wacky on conscious sedation. Eggs ahoy!

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