Friday, May 22, 2009

One Hurdle Cleared?

Life on progesterone: early on, my chest and upper arm muscles felt a little tight and I was somewhat short of breath for a day or two, but eventually, I think I became used to it, or absorbed it more successfully, perhaps, and those side effects went away. I did burst into tears over one of those commercials where they show you pictures of abused puppies, but - who doesn't, right? 

So for the last few days, I've had some dull pains in the uterus-type area, and I assumed they were menstrual cramps. So, yesterday, I went in for the HcG blood test, expecting nothing. And then, my RE called - Dr. Sunshine - from out-of-state (I guess she's on vacation) to tell me that my number was 164. She was thrilled. Huh. Meaning...I'm pregnant. Ish. For the time being. Frankly, I'm shocked, and in addition to being shocked, I'm semi-convinced that writing the word "pregnant" will call up the forces of bad mojo and make it all go away. Clearly, my husband's superstitious predilections are beginning to rub off on me. So we'll see what happens when we do another HcG test on Saturday and if that goes well, the real test - the ultrasound - in a few weeks.    


  1. Here from Mel's Roundup. Just wanted to congratulate you on your newfound p-ness. (Won't write it out for fear of alerting the demons).

    Also, wanted to let you know something. Best. Blog Title. Ever. I heart you.

  2. Here from Mel's Roundup as well...congrats!!

    P.S. your medrol post had me in hysterics...I had the same experience!