Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a Difference a Year Makes.

Yesterday, I was pretty anxious over my first OB appt, especially the FFW (first f*cking weigh-in) and the DSDSS (desperately serious Down Syndrome screening). Both turned out to be pleasant surprises. 

The OB (who I've seen before, and like pretty well) did not bring up my weight or what it should or shouldn't be. We talked briefly about exercise, and about how it was okay to dial it back if I found spotting afterwards. I was also reassured that a sweaty-palmed 23-year-old med student would definitely not be delivering my child.

The ultrasound tech who did the screening was very friendly and chipper - I was expecting her to measure in silence, then tell me grimly to wait for the results, but she was chatty and encouraging, told me that things looked generally normal, and had a nice bright flat-screen on which I watched Napoleon flap around like a fish, then settle on his/her back and wave a fist, which was odd and amusing. 

In other news, I quickly consulted the pregnancy book my friend loaned me (which seems to be a recruitment piece for the Natural Childbirth Brigade) yesterday and learned that it's still TOTALLY OKAY to go skydiving at 12 weeks. Yeah. That's great news. I was really worried about not being able to skydive for nine months. Let me go book that airplane right now.


  1. I believe the rule is to never harass a pregnant woman about her weight. It's dangerous. It should only be brought up if there's some indication of a problem - like if you gain 10 pounds in a day.

    Happy skydiving! Do you think that would cause spotting?

  2. Funny, my RE told me I could go skydiving too. Is that a common thing for pregnant women?!?

  3. And the oddest thing is that the nurse at my first clinic visit specifically said "DO NOT go skydiving." And I said, "Why would I want to do that...?" And she said "People have actually asked, we put it on our FAQ sheet."

    What is the deal with the skydiving obsession?