Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ugh Moments of the Week

1. Boobs not getting bigger in an attractive way, but may be spreading sideways in a fat-ish, glandy way.

2. Trying not to roll eyes over story of a friend who accidentally got knocked up from one night of unprotected sex with husband (just! one! night!), because they're apparently overflowing with fertility. 

3. Small roll of fat beginning to tiptoe over waistband of underpants. Hott.

4. Being told that I'm not acting "excited" enough about my just-shy-of-13-week know, not announcing the occasion to enough people I barely know. In fact, the person who inflicted this opinion on me told me that I was "acting like this was an unwanted pregnancy."

Yeah - I've been trying for eighteen months to get pregnant, dealing with tubal pregnancies, sperm issues, needles,  and stimulation meds because I'm COMPLETELY NONCHALANT. Maybe I'll go smoke some crack, drink some tequila, and toss myself down the stairs.

1 comment:

  1. Must be nice to be so naive - to think that the moment you get a positive pregnancy test everything from there is sunshine and roses. I'd have smacked that person.

    Get used to the fat roll - it may be a long term companion.