Monday, June 15, 2009

Once More Unto the Vadge, Dear Friends, Once More

Second trans-vag ultrasound shows that black blob continues to be black and blobby, small kernel within continues to have an active heartbeat. Pictures taken by RE continue to be difficult to decipher. 

I have decided to name this embryo Napoleon. (I can't bring myself to say something like "bean.") Possibly because of its small size, possibly because I use a large biography of Napoleon to keep all the ultrasound pictures flat, possibly because I really like the song "Waterloo," possibly because I have taken pictures of myself next to Napoleon's taxidermied horse and doggie in Paris, or possibly because I enjoy tormenting family members with the idea of naming my child Napoleon. 

Today's true trauma: getting evicted by the RE. Despite clinging to the bed and saying "please don't make me go back to the regular OB clinic. I like it here, where everyone's nice and has a sense of humor. You can't just kick me out," they did exactly that. Not in a cruel way, mind you. They gave me recommendations for three doctors over in the other clinic, said to call if I needed them between now and then, and that they wanted to be kept in the loop. Still, back to the OB clinic. Where the waits are long and at least two of the providers have tested negative for personality. Which reminds me, I still haven't discussed the meat of last summer's Ectopic Adventure, including Rage towards the OB Clinic. To come! 

Other developments: it's my last night for progesterone injections, which is good, because searching for knot-free Upper Outer Ass Quadrant Real Estate is about to drive my husband over the edge. Next up: progesterone suppositories. Vaginal suppositories, thankfully - I made sure to check that they were not butt-positories, because no thanks - I'll stick with the needles. I have IBS, I'm familiar with synthetic goods going in and coming out of my butt, but I generally don't have to put them in there myself.  


  1. That's great that "Nepolean" is still kickin'! I heard tell that my RE evicts at like 10 weeks. I am convinced that will never happen though, and I will become a permanant fixture there.

    What IS THAT, with the knots of progesterone? I've just really started to notice that this week. My husband got annoyed this morning because between obvious veins and knots, he was running out of space. Which seems impossible, given the span of things!

  2. Wow. The OB clinic sounds very uninviting. I'd be stapling myself to the RE's table.

    Congratulations on a good ultrasound. I hope your Napoleon is not as uppity as the original. It sucks when someone's trying to invade Russia via your liver.