Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Crotch Rocket

Holy moly. The progesterone suppositories arrived today, and THEY LOOK LIKE BULLETS. This is creepy.

Honestly, I believe that if men were able to get pregnant, the drug companies would have already patented a progesterone patch that would stick on the hip for ten weeks. Or, for that matter, a progesterone gel cap that tasted like Thin Mints. (Oh, wait, we're talking about dudes. I meant to say ribs.)


  1. Am laughing my ass off! That's EXACTLY what they look like! And they are greasy and messy. I get to do one at night, and then the shot in the morning. You do whatcha gotta do, I guess.

  2. Love your title!

    Ribs? I think not. More like beer.