Sunday, April 19, 2009

Burnin', Doin' the Lupron Dance...

(How much you do love that song? The original, I mean. Take a moment if you need to have a brief impromptu dance party. I'll be here.)

Lupron injections are proceeding without much ado. Oddly, I have no trouble injecting myself on the left side of my abdomen, needle sliding right in and everything. The right side, though, feels much more like...oh, I dunno...jabbing at myself with a needle. It must have something to do with being right-handed and the angle I'm using.

So, since things on the pharmaceutical front are uneventful, I was thinking about How I Got Here. It's been fifteen months since I chucked the NuvaRing - and I distinctly remember primal screaming my ass off last July or August, because I thought I was going to be derailed from TTC-ing (T'ing-TC? must ponder the conjugation) for two months. Am I Zen or massively repressed? Hard to say. For the benefit of anyone who cares, though, or anyone who can identify or be comforted, I give epic.

- The Ectopiad?
- Tubeowulf?
- Le Chanson de Zygote?
- One Thousand and One Nights in a Maxi Pad?   


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